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Erick Oh is an artist of Korean origin, living and working in California. His independent films have been introduced and nominated at Student Academy Awards, Annecy Animation Festival, Hiroshima Animation Festival, Zagreb Animation Festival, SIGGRAPH, Anima Mundi, Ars Electronica, Kinofest International Digital Film Festival and numerous other film festivals.


He spent most of his life in Korea where he started producing a variety of work, in which the boundaries were blurred between media and contents. Even though it is in animation where Erick feels most comfortable as his main tool to communicate and interact with the viewer, he would not consider himself merely as a film maker but as an artist who continues trying to expand the definition of animation and art.

Erick usually produces numerous illustrations as his idea sketch. In his drawing, he often uses certain key words and metaphors such as heart, fish, clock, apple and caterpillar to support his story with very limited colors and abstract images. Through calligraphic water color touch and simplified figures, Erick creates surreal yet beautiful world where all the pain, love, dream, youth and death exist. Erick says that the whole film, the whole image should be a question which gives viewer to think about life.

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