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Motomichi is an artist of Japanese origin, living and working in Brooklyn - New York. He makes animations, flash games, paintings and he performs as a VJ.

mitomichi nakamura

Motomichi's art work, whether it's for a music video, a canvas painting or a VJ performance, focuses on a character or set of characters as its main element. The characters can be mythical creatures, most often cryptozoological animals or monsters, or if human, they appear expressionless, robotic or otherwise disturbingly disattached from their surroundings. Since the atmospheric and story-telling qualities of the final art work will be depending on the strength and presence of this main character(s) Motomichi takes great care into creating each of these unique creatures.

His work has been exhibited at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Brazil, Winzavod – Moscow Contemporary Art Center and he has performed as a Vj at MOMA in New York, the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Edinburgh International FIlm Festival as well as participated in film festival screening at Sundance, Onedotzero, Ottawa International Animation Festival, Holland Animation Film Festival and Kinofest International Digital Film Festival.

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