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The 11th edition is over. For 3 days, at Cinema Elvira Popescu, Energiea Pub and Lente the screens gathered all kind the emotions, the fantesies, the excitement, the funny/sad/realistic/absurd characters...
67 films competetd for the 3 festival's prizes.

Friday evening, BACKSTORY was chosen the Best Fiction shortfilm at Kinofest 2017. As a young child, the protagonist is left by his mother and has to live with his violent father. He fights his way through adolescence and falls in love with the woman of his dreams and just as everything seems to be finally working out for him, a sudden event changes the course of his life forever. A story about how everything we love, everything we learn, everything we build, everything we fear, will one day be gone. The films is writen and directed by Joschka Laukeninks (Germany), it is distributed by Aug&Ohr Median Agency, and it has a spectacular journey in festivals all arround the world. The film creates powerful emotional reactions. It is very well made, in the smallest details. You can "feel" the author's experience in commercial field. The film is like a mountain rousse that carryes the viewer through the story and all the emotions, and in the end it drives him safely to the calm "finale".
The Fiction jury: Alexandra Paun (screenwriter and independent film producer), Ana Maria Ilie (contemporary art curator, creative director at Galateca Art Gallery), Toma Cuzin (actor), Daniel Sur (writer).


Saturday evening was screened the Animation competition. The jury choosed CATHERINE, by Britt Raes (Belgia) - a tragic comedy of a sweet little girl, who grows up to be a crazy old cat lady. Released in October 2016, the films has already dozens of festivals selection, and many prizes. It is a known fact that filmmakers are cat-lovers! (us included :) ) 

The jury motivated theire choosing: we loved the concept/the screeplay, the good quality technique, the humor, the sincere way of showing the character as it is, the original way of expressing the characther's emotions. The Animation Jury members are: Radu Tinc (art-director and owner at Meka Studio), Ana Maria Ilie (contemporary art curator, creative director at Galateca Art Gallery), Andrei Cotrut (illustrator, art director), Valentin Partenie (Kinofest director).


The Online Competition was won by Jesus Martinez Nota (Spain) with his short animated film: THE AIRPLANE. Games about airplanes are different arround the world. While for some babies airplanes are the spoons full of food, conducted by theire mothers, children in Syria sing about the deadly airplane strikes: "Nothing is left". A very powerfull 1 minute film! THE AIRPLANE was voted by the Youtube public.


Kinofest 2017 is supported by KissFm.

Main partner: The Bucharest French Institute.
Media partners: Zile si Nopti, Iqads,, Cinemagia, Urby App, Romania Pozitivă, Yotransfer, Modernism, Cinefan,, Revista Comics,, Show Pass and

Well, that's it! See you next year!

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Afis Kinofest net

Kinofest International Digital Festival, at the 11 th edition, brings 200 shortfilms, screened at Elvira Popescu Cinema, Energiea Pub and Mansarda Lente.

The competitions of the festival present 67 selected films, premiers in Romania. The Online section is happening on and on Youtube Kinofest Channel, between 10 th and 24 th September. 21 animations, finalists in the Online Competition, are available to be seen and voted by the public around the world. The film that gathers most appreciations (“like”) wins The Best Online Film at Kinofest 2017.

At Energiea Pub, Saturday and Sunday from 7PM, Animation and Fiction sections (46 films) will be screened in front of the public, and also of the jury.

Sunday, at Energiea, at 8PM, will be screened a special program of animations from 2 French Schools, invitate at Kinofes - Supinfocom Rubika and Pole III D.

At Elvira Popescu Cinema, in weekend, will screen 2 programs of animations for children (from 11AM). And in the afternoon, the program will be like this: Saturday, from 4PM – “Advetures in Animations”, a selection of the best student films from 2016-2017 from several schools: GOBELINS, ArtFx, École Estienne, ISART DIGITAL, Ecole Melies, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, SSUŠ Academy of Animation Bratislava şi School of Creative Media Hong Kong. From 6.15PM will be screened a selection of Romanian films – “Made in Romania”, with 8 very good shorts: „Bernard sau Limitele Construcției” by Cristian Drăgan, „După nouă sau zece ore” by Răzvan Dü, „Prietena Nouă” „Lunetistul Timişorean” both signed by Narcis Constantinescu, „Zi de targ” by Sergiu Ciorescu and „Cangurul Singuratic” by Razvan Mihai Badea. Also at Elvira Popescu Cinema, Sunday from 4PM, we present a “Comedy Show”, a selection of comedy films – fictions and animations; and from 9PM: Best of Kinofest – some of the best films from the past editions. 

At Lente will be screened 3 film selections, from 8PM: Friday – a program of Japanese films from Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, a partner festival from Tokyo; Saturday – World Panorama Animation and Sunday – World Panorama Fiction. 

The campaigne concept and the graphic of Kinofest 2017 is signed by Radu Tinc and Meka Studio. Kinofest 2017 is supported by KissFm. Main partner: The Bucharest French Institute. Media partners: Zile si Nopti, Iqads,, Cinemagia, Urby App, Romania Pozitivă, Yotransfer, Modernism, Cinefan,, Revista Comics,, Show Pass and At Energiea Pub and Lente the entrance is free. At Elvira Popescu Cinema the tickets are distributed by

Program Kinofest 2017


Friday 22nd September
 Fiction Competition
Saturday 23rd September
Animation Competition
Sunday 24th September
Panorama Supinfocom Rubika & Panorama Pole III D


Friday 22nd September 

Invited festivals: Short Short Asia&Japan
Saturday 23rd September 

World Panorama Animation
Sunday 24th September
World Panorama Fiction

Cinema Elvira Popescu

Saturday 23rd September
11.00 -12.20 
Films for children
 Adventures in animation – Invited animation schools
18.15-19.45 Made in Romania – Romanian Shorts
Sunday 24th September
11.00 -12.20
 Films for children
Comedy Show
21.00-22.30 Best of Kinofest


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Today, 10 th September, starts the Online Competition – the first of the festival’s sections. 21 short films are screened only online: they are uploaded on Kinofest web page ( and on Kinofest Youtube Channel () and they are available for votes up until 24 th September. 

The selected films are animations. The themes and genres are varied. In order to vote, you must have an Youtube personal account. After you log in and you watch the films, you must press the “like” button, under the film player. The film that gathers most appreciations (“likes”), until Sunday 24 th September at Midnight, is concidered the winner.

2017 Kinofest Film Festival will take place on 22-23- 24 September in Bucharest. Almost 200 shortfilms, from this year’s official selection, will be grouped in 2 competitions and other interesting programs, and they will be  creened at Energiea Pub, Cinema Elvira Popescu and Mansarda Lente.

Enjoy the films!

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Or maybe the spectators…

afis maraton kinofest net

On 18th March, 277 shorts line up for the start of an unique event – Cluj Kinofest Marathon 2017: awarded films, animations, fiction shorts, visual FX, music video, micromovies… films from our official “collection”, grouped in varied and exciting programs.

8 days of festival, 106 hours of screenings – shorts gathered by Kinofest will run day and night. So, one can’t tell there aren’t enough films!

The event will take place between 18th and 26th March, at Urania Palace, and the entrance is free.

“Best of Kinofest” is a program of 30 shorts – awarded at Kinofest and many other important festivals. From Luis Figuero’s short that is registered in Guinness Book for winning more that 200 prizes, to “A Morning Stroll” by Grant Orchard (UK) a BAFTA and Sundance winner, and Oscar Nominee for animation – the films gathered in “Best of Kinofest” program total couple hundreds of international prizes.

For animation fans, the recommended programs are: Adventures in Animation (47 films) and Animation Zone (42) – they present different technics (2D, 3D, MIX FX, classic animations), mostly European films; also, “Play Asia” (19 animation shorts produced in Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, etc) with many dynamic animations, very colorful, manga, experimental, etc; and, the last but not least: Visual FX - 17 spectacular shorts, fiction films with animation special effects (an area for excellency). We point out the perfect technic, original stories and the stage direction. The shorts from all these programs are various productions – from students’ films from wellknown universities (Gobelins, ESMA, ArtFX, etc) to independent productions or consecrated studios’s productions (Platige, FUMI, Studio WASIA, etc).

Adventures in Motion and World Panorama programs present 26 and 19 fiction shorts, from four continents: Europe, Asia, North and South America. These are various, special films, distinguished with many prizes, concept films, with a memorable script, artistic and technical achievment, originality, actors’ performance.

Spooky Shorts are 19 horror/thriller films, special, awful good!

Comedy Shorts programs gather 31 great comedies – excellent films, with serious and impressive awards.

Jukebox brings 27 music films from the official selection of the festival. Creativity is what characterizes these films.

Nine Roumanian films are present at the Kinofest Cluj Film Marathon: : “O vacanţă la mare” by Cristina Groşan, “The Box” by Mircea Ghibortz Ghinescu, “Hello Tourist” by Gergelz Szilard, “Brit Tips Ditty” by Dan Vezentan, “Jaful” by Mihai Radu Dan, “Ochiul Păpuşii” by Doru Drăgoi & Bogdan Drăgoi, “Life Buoy” by Bardac Dragos Mihai, “Sonic Hysteria” - Nicolae Chiriş & Andrei Stratone, “Hotel Fetish” by Cătălin Rulea, “O zi de muncă” by Mircea Ghibortz Ghinescu.

The films will run 18 hours/day, from 11AM to 5AM the next day.

A computer graphic exhibition will take place at Urania Palace, concerts and parties.

Kinofest Cluj Marathon is a project co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.


Media partners: Zile şi Nopţi, Iqads, Cinemagia, Romania Pozitiva,,, Modernism, Cinefan, AARC, Comics,,

Have a pleasant viewing!


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We’re starting the official Call for Entries for Kinofest 2017

You can start sending films! The deadline for registrations is 31st July. Please read about registration requirements, terms and conditions here.

The 11th edition of Kinofest will take place: on 1-30 September on internet, and on 29 September – 1 October in a cinema.

Kinofest 2017 has five different competition cathegories: the three Online Competitions, organized in September (1 - 30) and two offline competitions (29 September - 1 October).

Online Kinofest Competitions (1 - 30 September): Animation, Fiction, Micromovie. The selected films will be upload on Youtube Kinofest (, and available for the public voting (with “like”). The film that gathers most vots will win the competition – there will be 3 winners, one for each online section: Best Animation Online, Best Fiction Online, Best Micromovie.

OFFline Kinofest Competitions (29 September – 2 October): Animation and Fiction. The selected films will be projected in a cinema, on 29 September – 1 October. The jury, one for each section, will choose the winners: Best Animation and Best Fiction. If the budget will allow us, we’ll have two more prizes – a Jury Prize for each offline competition.

The prizes will be cash.

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